Abhaya Women Security App For Android

Hai friends today we are introducing new app.This app is an innovative step from Thiruvananthapuram City Police to enhance the quality of service provided to the public. Various Innovative road safety measures have been adopted by the Trivandrum city traffic police for ensuring the citizens safety. This app will help people to be aware of various traffic rules, penalties and report any violations of laws they encounter. This app will also help people to connect emergency services like control room, ambulance, hospitals and fire service in and around Trivandrum city. It provides directions to the nearest police station from their current location. Additionally, new features include iSafe, integration with WhatsApp.The new feature ‘iSafe’ has been included in this version as a part of empowering women safety in Thiruvananthapuram City. This provides a panic button which can be used when an emergency or panic situation happens. iSafe is a new feature in TCP application which help Trivandrum residents to seek emergency police help in panic situations.With a long press (7 seconds) of the volume down key, an alert is sent to the police control room along with the location, subscriber id and IMEI number of the mobile. The control room can track the person  in need of help in real time and will send police force for immediate help.


Trivandrum App : CLICK HERE

Abhaya Women App : CLICK HERE

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