Top 10 Reasons For The Hanging Issue Of Your Smartphone


Hi friends today we are telling you the top 10 Reasons for the hanging problem in your smartphone,many of us are facing hanging problem and this topic will help to reduce hanging of their smartphone.More Percent of the world population is using smartphone now, we cant avoid smartphone,because it is essential for us.

We will give you some tricks to reduce the hang issue of your smartphone.You have to follow our topic for the better results.

Top 10 Reasons For hanging issue of your smartphone.

1.Never Update Applications

Avoid Upating your exusting application,because when we update our existing applications,it will required more ram space for running. So avoid updates,only update applications which are essential for us.

2.Clear Cache Of Applications

Cache will store on your phone while you are using applications, so clear cache before it goes big size.It will helps to increase the efficiency of that application.

3.Buy Smartphone With Minimum 2Gb

When you are buying a new smartphone,give importance to its ram,because ram is the most wanted feature,when we have more ram,it will reduce hanging issue.

4.Use Antivirus In Your Smartphone

Always use an antivirus to reduce the hanging issue,because it will detect and remove virus,and it will increase the speed and performance of your smartphone.

5.Install Applications In Your Internal Storage

Always install applications in your internal memory,dont install applications in external storage,because when we are installing applications in external storage,it will increase hanging issues.

6.Remove SD Card and Batter in every week

It will helps to clean dust on your smartphone battery and sd card and it will increase the processing speed of your smartphone.

7.Don’t install apps from third party sites

Intall apps only in your default apps market store,because it will remove the chances of getting applications which may harm your smartphone.

8.Close Applications After Using It

We see in many people’s mobile that they didn’t close applications after using it,they will press home button and they think that the app is closed,but app is not closed,in this case you have to close applications,otherwise if will effect the performance,battery of your smartphone.

9.Ensure 30+ Battery Percentage

Always make your phone charged with more than 30+ percetage of battery level.

10. Dont Connect With Many Devices

When we connect,try to connet with a person at time,otherwise it makes your smartphone hang.


Hanging issue is a common issue which are faced by most number if people,but we can reduce the hang,Follow the Above Steps for better results.

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