Sudani from nigeria game app

Hi friends today we are coming with an awesome game of upcoming malayalam movie sudani from nigeria.This game is about that movie and we can play as cartoon characters of that movie in this game.This is a fun 2D casual game from Pixelbird digital agency.The Game based on the movie ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ starring Soubin shahir and Samual Abiola. Its free game with game play.

This is a Head-Ball mobile football game features fun and addictive which makes you tempts play again and again. Soubin Shahir and Samuel Robinson are the characters in this game. For the game-play, you need to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. You need to move your character left/right and jump whenever needed to keep the ball floated in the air. Once the ball touches the ground, the game is over. The score/best-score will be saved and you can play a new round.