Recall feature in this whatsapp version

hi friends today we are coming with new whatsapp version which we can recall messages which we already sent to people or groups.This is a good feature because when we send messages mistakenly we can take it back.

To enable this you need to install the GBWhatsApp on your mobile by following the download link. After you have successfully installed the APK on your device, click on the app and it will pop up a window asking you if youwant to install the WhatsApp on your phone. Authorize it and it will take just a few minutes to complete the installation process.As you are already using one WhatsApp account for your primary number, we suggest that you sign up for the second account using your second number. The OTP will sent to your second number in your dual sim smartphone.After you verify the OTP, you will be able to use your second WhatsApp account registered with your second number with ease.With GB WhatsApp, you get a few more added features than the usual WhatsApp. One of the features we really like is that ability to go into thechat and read the first message. However, please remember that using third party apps thatare not listed on the PlayStore always comes with a set of risks that you may have to deal with.


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