Pokeman Go Game Download


Pokemon go is trending on all social media,because it is different from other games,the theme of this game is different from others.

This is real game which is played with the help of gps features so we can play with our real location. Pokemon is a franchise owned by pokemon company.The game is about discovering pokemon,you have to discover and capture pokemon in this game.The game is not officially available on play store in some countries, and you can available in third party websites.

The game is now trending,and many people have asked us about this game.This game is running on real location like the location that we are living,so we have to go with phone to play thus game,this game cannot be play in the home itself. You have to find and capture pokemon otherwise others will catch and you will lose.This app requires minimum 2gb ram and 4.4 kitkat operating system for running.



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