Pic Ginger App For Android

Hai friends today we are coming with new app.We make this app to be more social by providing a Display Board. You can see our Pic Ginger display boards in crowded areas of the streets. You can be a part of society by viewing the AR content of others on display boards.This app is an augmented reality application which brings you to the new dimension of entertainment. If you find an image with the logo of Pic Ginger, just focus that image with our app then the magic of augmented reality begins. It provides you the life experience of that image.
We provide our facility all over India, so whenever you find the logo in any image just grab the phone, open our app and feel the magic.

Our application can be only used to that particular Newspaper or Magazine if it is enabled with the facility of Pic Ginger. It would be a new level of user experience if Pic Ginger is combined with Newspapers and Magazines.

You can also get the promo videos of the banners enabled with this feature. It is more useful when you encounter the banners at shops. You can decide whether to approach this shop based on its promo.