Pen Chat Free Call App For Android

Hai friends today we are introducing new app.Connecting you to the World even without internet connection for free.Free and unlimited voice and video calls and instant messages to other PeN users.Free calls and SMS to non-PeN user or any valid and supported phone numbers online or offline using PeNNeY.For each new PeN user, or as we say Pen Pal, we give you a starting balance of 200 PeNNeY you can use to call and SMS to non-Pen users. You are also able to earn more PeNNeY for free so you wont run out of balance and can spend more time talking to your friends, even when they don’t have internet connection.PeN is connecting the world to every person on the planet, from all corners of the globe, even to those who do not have internet connection, for free. We enable everyone with a smartphone to socially interact with anyone in the world who have a phone from wireless to wired. Additionally PeN is helping ensure personal safety and security anywhere on Earth.



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