Most Popular App For Muslim

    Muslim Pro-Prayer Times Quran Muslim pro is the most accurate prayer time&azan application on mobile devices.This app is available in android and iPhone download app from the link below. FEATURES ■ ACCURATE PRAYER TIME BASED ON YOUR CURRENT LOCATION ■ FASTING TIMES DURING RAMAN ■  THE HOLY QURAN WITH AUDIO RECITATION OR MP3,PHONETICS AND … Read moreMost Popular App For Muslim

Call on Girl Voice with Unknown Number

All of you are waiting for an app like this. In this app you can call any if your friends with many voice through an unknown number. Screenshot: – How to use this app :- 1. Download this voice changer calling app. 2. Install and open it 3. Dial Your Friends Mobile  Number which you … Read moreCall on Girl Voice with Unknown Number

How to create Temporary E-mail

We are creating numerous E-mail for simple use. After that simple usage we not have any use from those E-mail. Why we Creating an E-mail we have to Fill Many Fields Like First name, Last name , Password , Verify Password , Email address, Security Questions , Captcha , etc It will Take More Time … Read moreHow to create Temporary E-mail

Best Compress App For Android

                      VIDEO COMPRESS Video compress is used to reduce storage and datausage.Compressing a video much easier to share on social networks such as Facebook,google+,whatsapp etc.Compress videos with high,normal,low quality. DOWNLOAD LINK:CLICK HERE DAILY UPDATING SITE KEEP VISIT SITE DAILY

Best Compress App For Iphone

                         VIDEO ZIPPER Video zipper is used to compress video to reduce size.You can increase storage of phone and save more video on your phone.                         FEATURES ■ Support all devices:iPad,Iphone5s,Iphone6s,iPhone 6 plus ■ Support to compress your video in many quality 1080p,720p,VGA or low quality ■ Support to upload your video directly to Google … Read moreBest Compress App For Iphone

Best Photo Editor App For Android And Iphone

PIXLR-PHOTO EDITOR APP Pixlr is the right photo editor app for everyone whether you have never edited a picture.Pixlr has all the tools and effects you need.You can share your photos with Pixlr communities.This app available in android and iphone. DOWNLOAD: FOR ANDROID:CLICK HERE FOR IPHONE   :CLICK HERE DAILY UPDATING SITE KEEP VISIT SITE DAILY