Oru rasam malayalam movie quiz app

hi friends,today we are ccoming with an amazing malayalam movie quiz app.it is a puzzle game about malayalam cinema.In this app you have to answer questions about malayalam cinema.

This app is a simple puzzle game  based on the Malayalam Cinema.if you’ve seen lots of Malayalam movies, you will definitely love this malayalam cinema quiz app.

In each level you have to guess the movie title based on four images or malayalam dialogues.You will be entertained by diving into the funny,intellectual,nostalgic moments and dialogues of Our legendary actors and actress of malayalam cinema. 


1. More than 250 Malayalam Cinema Puzzles to Solve!.

2. Useful hints to help guess the Correct Malayalam Cinema.

3. Removing wrong letters from the pool.

4. Reveal a correct letter.

5. Allowed to skip one puzzle everyday.

6. Ask help from your friends via Facebook.


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