How To Track Your Partners Mobile

     Couple Tracker-Phone Monitor


Couple tracker is best app for track lovers.wife,husbands,etc mibiles.This application to catch cheating partners reduce risk of infidelity affair and also reduce jealous behaviour of your love.

                 Features of App
■ Both will see 30 character of every sms that your love recieve or send.
■ Both will see call history of your partner
■ Current location recorded and save in 30 minute interval to location/GPS history
■ Facebook like and comment statistics and over view of people commenting and liking your partners Facebook posts.
NB:Buy Full Version ( Couple tracker-phone monitor)
■ Show 50 characters in sms and fb instead 30)
■ No limit on number of monitoring records (free version is limited on 6 calls 10 saved locations 15 Facebook records and 3 sms text per day)
■ No Ads
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