Get Apk File Of Installed Apps With This App


Hi friends today we are teaching you about extracting apk files from installed apps. All of us are downloading and installing many apps fron gooe playstore,but we didnt get the apk file of that apps,it only get installed, we never see apk file of them. It is a big issue for people who hve to save apk files for further uses.

We can get apk file of any apps stored in our android device,sometimes we cant use all apps simultaneously,we have to use one by one inorder to improve efficiency of our android devices.This app extracts apk file of apps which are installed on your android devices and copies them to sd card.




● Easy to use.
● Compatible with latest android version 6.0.
● Extract all apps includes system apps.
● No Root Access.
● Extract Multiple apk’s file in a single click.


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