Find Your Lost Phone Using Android Device Manager


Hi friends today we are coming with an interesting app which you can find your lost phone,you need to enable this app before your phone was lost.This app is very helpful,and you can make high sound on your lost phone with this app.

This app will give high chances for getting your lost mobile,you have to enable this app before your phone was lost.This app will works on almost android devices.You can track location of your phone with this app.All Activities of this app requires email addresses and password of your lost phone.

First you have to enable Android device manager

Settings – Security – Device administrators – Enable android device manager

You can only find your lost android device if you enable Android device manager, so enable it fast.


Android device manager will do the following activities:-

1. Ring Your Device

Sometimes you will loss your phone,you cant find it by calling because it is on silent,but you can ring your android device in high volume for 5 minutes whether it is in silent mode or not.This feature is very useful for many of us.


2. Lock Your Device
You can lock your lost mobile,and you can put your number in the lock screen of your lost android device,when someone got your phone,he will see thus number in lock screen,the. He will contact on that number.

3. Remote Wipe Your Phone

You can erase all data of your lost android device, it is very helpful,we can protect our personal files by this feature.

4. Locate Your Device

You can get the location of your lost android device,it will helps easily to find your lost android device


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