Cool Your Android Device With this App

Hi friends you all are facing overheating issue on your android devices. Now all new models are coming with this overheating issues.Many of you thinks about the solution for that overheating.

Overheating is happened because of high usage, metal back body, low quality materials, etc. We all want to find a solution for this overheating issues.many of us tried many methods like keep phone in the fridge, battery saver app , etc but we never found an exact solution for this overheating issue. Today we are coming with the solution for this problem. This app is tested by us. It will reduce heat of your android device.








Steps to cool your android device:-

1. Download this android cooling app

2. install and open it.

3. Then you will see a screen and in that click on detect overheating apps.

4. Select which app you want to cool down

5. Click cool down.

6. After that keep your phone locked for few minutes and you will see the result


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