Call writer App

Hi friends today we are coming with an app which we can write numbers during calling,it is a very helpful app for business people.

Call writer is a simple application that lets you take and save notes during an incoming or outgoing call.

** How to use **

* Call writer is activated whenever there is a incoming or outgoing call and a floating icon appears.
* Activate speaker mode in your phone.
* Click on the icon to open the page.
* We have introduced a floating icon, which the user can adjust as per the convenience.
* Easily take notes using paint. Adjust eraser size from the settings.
* Now user can easily write notes using notepad.
* User can either use notepad or paint or both.
* Notes are automatically saved when the call is disconnected.
* Notes are saved in the app and user can also share the notes using Whatsapp, Gmail, Hangout etc.
* Notes are saved according to date and time.
* Freely edit notes during call using paint or notepad.Go to settings and deactivate “Close Automatically After Call” to keep writing notes even when the call ends.
* User can now call directly to the written number in saved text notes.
* Directly open Email,Phone numbers and URL link made in saved text notes.