Calculate Mileage Of Your Vehicle With This App

hi friends today we are coming with a best app which you can calculate the mileage of your bikes or car.We didn’t know the exact mileage of our vehicle’s mileage.we didn’t get the mileage which company offers,the mileage offered by the company are based on the experiments which is done on a clean road.

This is a simple help that helps you to calculate and track the mileage of more than one vehicle along with providing great insights on Mileage,Expense and Service Details.
Key Features:

1. Calculate the Mileage of your vehicle.

2. Know your vehicle’s “Cost per Kilometre”.

3. Save Mileage details.

4. View Fuel Logs.

5. Save Service details.

6. Get next service calculation.

7. View Service Logs

8. Receive a service alert notifications.

9. Able to Delete all Fuel and Service Logs of a particular vehicle.

10. Maintain more than one vehicle details.


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