Biggest Security Threat Named Gooligan In Android Smartphones

hi friends today we are telling you about a biggest security threat in your android smartphones.You should aware if you are using android smartphones,this is new virus which is spreading on android smartphones.According to current estimates, one billion people are affected by the virus Gooligan in their Google accounts,the virus is spreading to 13000 android smartphones in a day.

what is gooligan?

googligan virus reach into the root files of android and they will get full control over android smartphones,and they will get the personal information in gmail,google services,google docs,etc.Gooligan attacks on jellybean,kitkat and lolipop versions.

You can check that your android smartphone is affected or not?

you can check with your e-mail address into the address

what to do,if your account is affected by gooligan virus?

perform a clean installation of your android operating system and change password of your email address.

which app contains gooligan virus?

Perfect Cleaner, Demo, WiFi Enhancer, Snake, gla.pev.zvh, Html5 Games, Demm, memory booster, StopWatch, Clear, ballSmove_004, Flashlight Free, memory booste, Touch Beauty, Demoad, Small Blue Point, Battery Monitor, UC Mini , including the Shadow Crush, Memory Booster, phone booster, SettingService, Wifi, Master, Fruit Slots, System Booster, Dircet Browser, FUNNY DROPS, Puzzle Bubble-Pet Paradise, GPS, Light Browser, Clean Master and YouTube Downloader. 

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