Before Going To Atm You Want Know These Points

After the announcement of prime minister,people are running to bank with their old notes for exchanging to new notes.Bank are giving new rs 2000,so people cant use that rs 2000 note for their daily usages,because when we purchase anything and giving that note,shopkeeper doesn’t give remaining amount of money.Atm is the only and best method for taking money with rs 50,rs 100 denomination of notes.The rules of atm are changed,they altered many rules,following are the points that you have to know before going to an ATM Counter.

1) Old Rs 500&Rs 1000notes are yet to be fully cleaned out from ATMs. Process of reconfiguring the machines still will take some days,So your patience will be tested.
2) ATMs will only dispense Rs 100 notes, some will have Rs 50 notes. It will take 10 days for normalworking of ATM.

3) charge on use of ATMs beyond 5 free transactions has been waived.

4) If you have state bank of india account,you can deposit upto rs 50000 on their deposit machine.
5) The old notes can be used for paying fees, taxes and penalties for central and state governments, including municipal and local bodies.

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