Bahubali Official Game For Android

hi friends today we are coming with the game of movie bahubali,we all loved the characters and story of bahubali,so we also love to play bahubali game on our android phone.In this game we have to build our rajya,train army and help Baahubali defeat the enemies of Mahishmati.
Train your army, build your defenses, and join forces with BAAHUBALI, KATTAPPA, BHALLALADEVA, DEVASENA and the other heroes of Mahishmati against Kalakeya. Using your army and the special powers of Heroes, wage war against the Kalakeyas, defeat them in challenging battles and bring glory to Mahishmati. 


* Build an undefeatable FORT to help Mahishmati.

* Build ARCHER TOWERS and SPEAR TOWERS to defend your fort.

* Destroy your enemy‚Äôs army with  weapons like the ARROW MACHINE

* TRAIN your team using the BARRACKS, the ARMORY and the WAR LIBRARY

* Fight solo missions against the cruel Kalakeyas


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