Abs Workouts And Exercise Free App


Hi friends today we are coming with an app which will guide you to exercise and build up muscles with many home workouts.This workouts are made to make you fit, healthy, , strength,and physical condition.It also helps you to lose belly fat in short time.

This App will train you many workouts with video support.This app includes the plan for beginners,average people,and athletes.This App Includes the following Features

– Create your custom workout
– filter exercises into muscle groups
– Weekly diet plan
– Vegetarian nutrition plan
– Each exercise comes with additional pictures of muscles involved
– Built-in timer with audio support
– 12 Killer Workouts
– Follow along workouts
– No need for internet connectivity(offline)
– Material design – Simple to use



Major muscle groups:

– Abs
– Back
– Biceps
– Calf
– Chest
– Forearms
– Legs
– Shoulders
– Triceps

Plans made for:

– Beginners
– Average people
– Athletes


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